Second Anniversary!

Second Anniversary!

Today, my books were published for two years! It was amazing what happened in the last 12 months.

Some milestones:

  • The second edition of German-English version was printed before X-Mas 2019. It was my X-Mas present for myself
  • My books were signed by the publisher Kampenwand in May 2020 including e-book publishing
  • We worked on the e-book versions which were published by July 2020
  • The bilingual audiobook (English/German) is available on CD or download since August 2020 (many thanks to L. Sophie Helbig and Kampenwand Verlag for making this project possible. I had a great time working with Sophie – her voice is amazing!)

My summary of the last year:

  • I am continuously learning as an author
  • I got the chance to get to know so many inspiring people
  • My book is the Best Seller of the Category “Learning Vietnamese” on since May 2019
  • Approximately 2500 physical books were sold. Assuming 3 readers per book, that means: roughly 7500 additional readers know the Vietnamese folktale! It is so FANTASTIC!
  • I am working on my next book already
  • Besides my book project I’ve started a new project to found a German charity to help street kids, kids with disabilities and rescues kids from slavery and human trafficking in Vietnam


Many thanks to all my supporters and readers.

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