Who is Thuy?

Who is Thuy?

Thuy is a Mum to three amazing kids. She is married to the talented funny tech-fanatic Marcel. They live in the metropolitan city Berlin (Germany) where they feel very comfortable.

As a child she loved to read and to paint. 2017 she followed her passion by retelling and illustrating Vietnamese folktales.

Her first bilingual children books are published in September 2018.

Thuy was born in 1978 in Hanoi, Vietnam. When she was 11 years old, her family moved to Berlin, Germany. During her study and the first working years she lived in Germany, Malaysia, USA, Austria and Denmark. Growing up in different cultures and living in various countries shape her personality. It also enables her to gain experience with cultural diversity and to get to know many interesting people.

When she is not writing, working at NGO or driving the charity Blue Dragon Germany, Thuy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, having great food, going to classic concerts, traveling, painting, reading, sewing and playing piano.

Her primary goal with this website is to share her life experience as an author, illustrator, world traveler, mother, wife, optimist, dreamer, world improver, woman in STEM and multicultural earth resident.