First Anniversary!

First Anniversary!

My books are now published for one year! It was a crazy year.

Here my conclusion:

  • It’s an exciting interesting journey from starting the project till now.
  • I am continuously learning as an author / a publisher and my learning curve is still rising.
  •  This project contains some up and down phases, in total I have a lot of fun and never regretted starting my book project.
  • My books is the Best Seller of the Category “Learning Vietnamese” on
  • Approximately 700 books were sold. Assuming 3 readers per book, that means: roughly 2100 readers more know the Vietnamese folktale! It is awesome!!!
  • I am planning to print the second edition this year (financial statement shows minus still).
  •  The next book? YES, it is in planning process.

Many thanks to all my supporters and readers.

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